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With over 8,000 cone splitters sold worldwide we are Your prefered contact if you want to buy a cone splitter regardless what type of wood you want to split.
Whether you are looking for a cone splitter for a mini excavator or a cone splitter for a 40 ton excavator, we always have the right wood splitter for you! Our cone splitters can be used on almost all hydraulic attachments. These include: chippers, trailers, courtyard loaders, wheel loaders, tractors…

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Splitting and manipulating in one operation!

The threaded cone screws into the tree trunk and splits it open.


“The biggest advantage over a gap plier is that you also can cut the trunks into quarters and eighths”
Matthias Hesse

They are easy to split with a mini excavator, even with poplars of 5m length.
Willi Amboss

“The splitting performance is extreme. Cone works excellent while splitting rootstocks”
Wilhelm Ott

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